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Beyond the moor
My writings
GWNI: Girls' Writing Night In 
16th-Mar-2015 04:46 pm
For the curious: some of the prompts and writings from enemyoftheheir 's and my GWNI (Girls' Writing Night In) are archived on tumblr:


I'm checking with enemyoftheheir to see if she wants her shorts posted, too--for now, all the prompts are there, and my stories (the answers to the prompts) are posted. ;) 

Yes, this is what we do to egg each other on. XD Over the internet and across borders.

Yay technology!

If you have suggestions for prompts, we're more than happy to add them to our lists; new challenges are always welcome.  :)

Otherwise, I must leave you for now; I've been out w/ the kids all day with activities (hiking, biking, walking, playing with clay, visiting the library) for March Break, and I must get a start on supper. Have a great evening!

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