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Beyond the moor
My writings
I do go out & enjoy myself sometimes. 
16th-Mar-2015 12:24 am
For the record, I honestly wouldn't be sane if I didn't do things that *I* enjoy. Some examples:

This past week I:

- attended an Executive Night dinner & speaker (400+ people, decent food, awesome new people to meet, and a fantastic, inspiring speaker. And I got to chat Scottish history with someone totally out of the blue, which sealed the deal for an awesome night)

- attended my first Passion Party! A friend of mine is a Passion Party consultant, and at the suggestion of a friend (nikolita), I asked if I could join a party sometime soon to get an idea of how they ran. So, you can all thank nikolita (and my friend Candace) for introducing me to the fun that is Passion Parties, and for the resulting forthcoming scenes in "Forest Fire II". You're welcome.

- volunteered with my son's kindergarten class. I volunteered usually 2 mornings/month (as much as I could spare, given my work schedule), and love going in to help out with different activities, hanging out with the kids, seeing how they interact. I've decided not to continue this after March Break (after this week), for a few reasons, but really enjoyed being with the kids. I had a good time. My husband even came to join me there to help out, 2 weeks ago, which was really special. I guess not many dads get to come in to volunteer. It was a fun time. The kids rushed him. XD You could see it in their eyes, how bright they got, with the, 'There's a DAD here!!!!!"-look. Kindie-swarming, gotta love it. XD

- working out. I wake up around 5-5:15am at least 3 times a week to hit the gym, and the remaining days of the week I sleep in until around 6am before going for a run. I like working out. It feels good. It also helps me manage stress, anxiety, depression (mostly on top of this one, since I work hard to avoid triggers), and my PTSD. <3 exercise. This week I started overhauling my bike so I can ride it again this summer, hopefully more actively, so I rely less on my car. I'm kind of leaning towards getting a little trailer for it so I can bring picnic gear with us for longer rides. That would cost $, though, and we don't have a whole lot of that to go around.

- I love driving and race my car at the track. Due to finances/timing (ugh, I actually paid for a track day and ended up having to cancel b/c it was right after my hubby's surgery), I wasn't able to make it out to the track last summer. We'll see if it happens this summer. I really enjoy it, and fine driving is an acquired taste and a challenging skill. I take pride in mine and in my car.

- practiced guitar. I have recently started teaching my kids a bit of guitar. They enjoy it. I enjoy it. I'm not very good at it, but I enjoy it. I'm okay with the fact I'm not good at it; music is something I play with.

- talking with friends. Especially enemyoftheheir, who keeps me sane and is my brother-from-another-mother, but with boobs. :P Nothing is sacred in our convos, nothing.

- also relating to enemyoftheheir, GWNI. GWNI=Girls' Writing Night In. This started as a writing exercise for the two of us to hang out & write together, online. (Since we live in different countries and all). Basically, we both come up with a bunch of prompts, then at a designated time, we share them with each other and get to choose a prompt each, the timer goes off, and we write for 15-30 minutes. Then share with each other. Squee! Then choose another prompt, set the timer again, and write! Then 15-30 minutes later (depending on how we're doing--sometimes we'll extend the timer if we both find we're on a roll), share again. Depending on how much time we have, we'll do a few rounds of this. It's spontaneous, it's intense, it's fun, and it really gets the muse going. It's also ridiculously competitive. XD And since we know we're writing for each other, we'll hit each other's kinks hard. It's wonderful. It also gets quite silly. We may set up a tumblr for some of these stories, at some point. They're awesome fun.

- having fun with my kids. I love my kids. They're the best part of my day. It can be really trying, being a mom, but I've tried to raise my kids with my sense of humour. Sometimes I force us all outside, on our bikes; or out for a hike; or my kids will request we all sit down to play boardgames together (often during bad weather). I try to get us outside as much as possible. I love this. I love them. They are my life.

I do try to write as often as I can; I need it. I also need to live. :) Other people rely on me, too.
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