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Beyond the moor
My writings
4th-Dec-2014 09:10 pm
So, within a few minutes of husband finding out I'd been scrubbing down the elliptical, he came down and took over and has just told me that it is 'clean' now.

... it only took him 3.5 months and me getting down on my bad knee for him to get to it, apparently.

(Welcome to 'moor's bitterness night')(Normally I'm a lot better than this, it's just seeing the elliptical in rough shape that put me over my edge. Hopefully that is resolved, now.)
16th-Jan-2015 07:37 am (UTC)
I am kinda slow with checking out entries and then replying, so hope you don't mind. The way you write about the elliptical covered in dust and then going to the gym to use the same equipment is just marvellous. I laughed and stared in morbid horror in the same time. How can they not cover it before doing renovation?!

My house is undergoing renovation, and we have dragged out all old big surface area cloths, from bedsheets to oversized kurtis to cover stuff up. The workers brushed off the walls to prepare for the eventual painting and it covered every single thing in dust. There is a perpetual layer of dust now on the floor. Earlier we would sweep and mop the floors every two or three days onwards, and now its every single day and its extremely tedious. I cannot wait for the whole thing to be done with.

By the way, my cousin in France received my card after 45 days so I wouldn't be surprised if you received the card towards the end of the month. I am just mortified by how long it takes to reach there my god.
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