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Beyond the moor
My writings
Spring Update 
23rd-Mar-2014 12:15 am
 Spring Update
- I have officially started writing "Forest Fire II". Mostly planned out; many thanks to ff.net's pokesimmo for kicking my butt about that. ;)
- have I mentioned how much I love volunteering? (Especially compared to working for pay?) I do. If we had the money, I would spend all my time volunteering. :) I love it. Especially working with the kids at a nearby elementary school. They're awesome. :)
- have I also mentioned how much I love robo-vacuums? XD We nicknamed ours The Hispanola, as it searches for filthy treasures.
- it is my birthday soon, and for the first time in years I am organizing a party; this is kind of scary and awesome at the same time. 33 candles shouldn't make me feel like a kid, but this year, with me not being inundated by ulcerous levels of stress, I'm practically giddy.
- it has been fun to be creative with my kids: we've sewn together stuffies from random scrap fabric, painted birdhouses to make a fairy garden for the yard, and started learning crochet & knitting. I think we've all needed this 'creative together' time, and while it takes away a bit from my writing time, it has made all the difference with them and their behaviour. We're even taking 'adventure/discovery walks' around the neighbourhood and finally exploring! After living here for nearly 3 years!
- since I've started running 10+ km/day (with hills, and now, increasing resistance), I can't believe how much healthier I feel. When compared to the state I was in this time last year, I feel like a different person. :)  In a GOOD way.
- almost a year ago, I had to put away Bliss (my electric guitar) b/c there was so much stress in my life from work that I couldn't find any time to play. I have finally decided I want to pull it out again. :)  It feels like a good sign.
- Still no new job; I have decided it will happen when it happens. 
- this summer, instead of suffering through the stifling humidex of southern Ontario, I think I'll return to the coast to stay with my family. Exploring sea caves, hiking through the woods, and swimming/sailing in the ocean sound like far healthier alternatives. :)
If this post seems a bit too... positive?... compared to my previous ones, I think it is safe to blame it on the fact that I have good things happening, and control & choice, in my life for the first time in a long time. :)  I wish things could stay like this. As they cannot, I intend to enjoy it while I can.
If you're looking for writing updates, I will try and make a more thorough one soon. :)  I have been working on my previous stories again, whenever possible. I also intend to transfer some of my stories over from ff.net to Archive of Our Own (AO3) when I have a bit of time, too. 
Have a great weekend!   
25th-Mar-2014 08:48 am (UTC)
I think its amazing that the post is positive and we are as a whole human being, combinations of both the positive and the negative. We have anxiety over issues that we cannot deal with or no matter how we deal with it, doesn't work too well for us. I have people in my office I want to kill right now but I have decided against reacting and letting it get to me. Its not personal. They can stew in their own juices. xD

The job thing will happen when it does. Cannot help that. As for health issues, I think that is absolutely amazing that you are able to run 10+ KMS a day and keeping a positive attitude about it. I know you have had major health issues the past few years and cannot be more happy for you.

Happiness is the key to a lot of things, I am learning that slowly. I had a status update on my WhatsApp and my colleagues went, what does that mean, you're crazy and all that. I said, its not for you. Its for me, so its okay if you don't understand it. I have noticed that most people at my workplace are not capable of deep thought. They like to irritate people and make them mad and tease people. So disgusting. Hopefully my escape from here will be sooner than later xD
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